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Have you looked at someone and thought they could be deficient? Deficient in sleep, vitamins, minerals, oxygen, or water? Our face tells a story.  It tells us our past, present, and future. This course will demonstrate an understanding of how we can recognize deficiencies in sleep, vitamins, minerals, oxygen, and water all by looking at the face and mouth. The face tells a story of how well our airway is currently and while it was developing during childhood, our current dietary choices and deficiencies, how well we sleep today, and if we are deficient in obtaining optimal water intake. There are many factors associated with the overall health of a patient and recognizing the facial and oral signs of deficiencies is paramount in helping patients achieve overall health.


Link to post-test questionnaire to obtain CE credit:





From the Neck Up

  • • Identify nutritional deficiencies that can be seen on the face and in the oral cavity.

    • Discuss how optimal nutrition plays a role in overall health.

    • Assess the dental patient for airway issues that could affect a person’s life span.

    • Understand how systemic issues can affect your skin and oral health.

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