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All about the lips was developed and designed by Shared Hygiene with the support of Vermillion Cosmetics, LLC


Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize anatomical marks, muscles, and nerves associated with the lips.
  • Discuss the different conditions of the lips such as cleft lip, cheilitis, herpes simplex virus, and chapped lips.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of beneficial ingredients and ingredients to avoid in maintaining healthy lips.
  • Learn how to properly exfoliate, condition, and hydrate the lips.


Post course test link:


All About the Lips: An Extraoral Education

  • Once the course is purchased, you will receive an email with the post-test questions to receive the opportunity to receive 1 CE credit for completion of this course. After passing with at least 70%, you will then receive a certificate of attendance to retain for your records.

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